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The mission of Project Ianos is to engage and educate students with the wonders of space and to inspire them to become explorers of it.


Through Project Ianos, students take an inspirational journey into the past, present, and future of human space exploration through impactful videos produced and hosted by world-renowned explorer and award-winning television presenter Josh Bernstein. In these videos students are introduced to the challenges and triumphs of spaceflight by meeting subject matter experts working on the frontlines of NASA. Archival footage from historic NASA programs like Apollo is blended with current-day interviews to help define the perspective and the promise of 60 years of ingenuity and persistence.




Students then engage in hands-on learning activities that tie directly to the videos. These “Expedition” and "Missions" designed to pique curiosity, are aligned with national education standards and are adaptable to both individual and group learning situations. All Project Ianos videos and educational resources are free and fully downloadable.

Students in school today will have the opportunity to one day live and work in space. Project Ianos gives students the chance to develop a solid skillset and mindset for success, to discover passions for learning, and to become explorers of space themselves.

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