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The Powerhouse Team Behind Project Ianos

A team of leading education specialists, storytellers, and space organizations make up Project Ianos. They all share a common goal — to ignite curiosity in the next generation of explorers using the inspirational story of human space exploration. Meet the partners dedicated to giving middle-school students an out-of-this-world learning experience:

Each partner brings a unique set of skills and perspective to help us create lesson materials that you can easily integrate into your classroom:

In October 2020, NASA awarded Project Ianos (one of seven out of 95 submissions) a one-year grant. Two elements of the Project Ianos proposal that caught NASA’s eye:

  1. It provides innovative, remote learning opportunities

  2. It reaches a diverse set of students with relevant NASA content.

By offering its lesson materials for free, Project Ianos specifically aims to help to close gaps faced by economically challenged communities.

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