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Meet Your Host – Explorer Josh

Explorer Josh is your host and guide as we learn all the space industry has to offer!

Josh Bernstein is a world-renowned explorer and award-winning television presenter who hosted series on The History Channel (“Digging for the Truth”) and Discovery Channel (“Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein”). Like your students, he is insatiably curious and takes every opportunity to learn and explore.

Throughout his career, Explorer Josh has traveled more than 1 million miles by train, plane, bus, bike and camel to more than 75 countries, digging deep into the biggest mysteries of our planet in pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

In 2020, Josh was invited by the Aldrin Family Foundation to join Project Ianos as Content Team Leader and bring Explorer At Large's curiosity-driven pedagogy to NASA-inspired content. He produces and hosts every episode in our growing Project Ianos video library.

In each Project Ianos video, "Explorer Josh" selects an actual question from a middle-school student. He then goes on a quest to answer it, interviewing engineers, scientists, and other experts on the front lines of the space industry.. All episodes combine historic and current-day footage from NASA missions to share the awe-inspiring story of the past, present and future of human space exploration.

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